Robert Myers bob at
Wed Dec 27 16:25:10 EST 2006

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Hi Y'all,

Well what with one thing and another we had to take our Christmas 
trip (~700 miles) in the urS6 with the engine cut-out problem.  Q: 
How did we take the trip?  A: With a great deal of apprehension.  Q: 
How did the car do?  A: Flawlessly.  Now the question is "Why?"  I 
did two things to the car two days before we left.  1.  Pull, clean, 
coat w/ Stabilant 22a, and replace the MAF connector.  A test drive 
still gave a cut-out.  2.  Gave the same treatment to the engine 
speed sensor connector.  Test drive still gave a cut-out.

And our trip was perfectly without angst or incident.  Why did the 
cut-out problem "go away"?  Will it return?  When?  Gee, ain't it fun 
to have a problem go away for no apparent reason only to perhaps 
return in spades at a later time?  It's like waiting for the other 
shoe to drop.

urS6 with RS2 and other mods for sale:

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