Huw Powell audi at
Thu Dec 28 13:36:58 EST 2006

> I like your reply Huw :)

I'm glad my little parody didn't come across as too sarcastic...

> The irony of it all, in my '85 VW QSW, a totally
> different animal of course, I get quite the
> opposite--the more it rains, the more the car will
> miss to the point it won't rev
> up.....haahaahaahaahaahaaaaaa

That is actually very common - especially in the older cars.  Running 
poorly when it's wet or very humid.  There is a solution.  Undo *all* 
the electrical connections (one at a time) in the engine compartment (at 
least), clean them, and do them back up using some silicone dielectric 
grease (or your favorite contact enhancer) to keep them clean and sealed.

It is sometimes just due to crappy ignition wires/cap/rotor arcing, so 
examine them first.

Huw Powell

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