Type 44 turbo to exhaust pipe repair?

Mikea2769 at aol.com Mikea2769 at aol.com
Sat Dec 30 14:55:20 EST 2006

Trying to get one more winter out of the old girl without major  expense.
Mechanic friend doing repair/diagnosis.
It appears the exhaust  pipe (original exhaust) has separated from the turbo 
and there is nothing left  of the 4 bolt pipe flange. Hard to get at and see 
clearly at this point, so I'm  looking for preliminary info before he starts 
removing components to get in  there.
Has anyone done this repair? I've used split flanges pre and post  cat., is 
there one for this application?
Mike  Aiello
87 5kcstq, 323k miles, orig.  owner

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