misalligned timing belt

kbogach kbogach at comcast.net
Sat Dec 30 23:05:38 EST 2006

Kneale, it is not sealant but o-ring itself out of the groove what is my 
suspicion.   Thank you for pointer on the starter.  But you are right:  
cocked roller is more probable reason.


Kneale Brownson wrote:
> Is it possible the idler pulley isn't fully seated on its boss on the front
> engine cover?  If it's cocked slightly it might move the belt out of
> alignment.  Can't imagine the extra gasket sealant is thick enough to do
> that.  Maybe you should spread some epoxy body filler around the water pump
> opening to fill the pitting and then flat file that smooth???  I once had a
> starter making a squeal like you describe.  Did it for maybe 10k miles
> before it died.  Bad bushing/bearing in the starter, according to the guy
> who rebuilt it for me.
> At 12:30 AM 12/30/2006 -0500, kbogach wrote:
>> Hi Listers,
>> I would appreciate if someone had the following problem and/or know at 
>> least one possible reason for it:
>> On MC2 engine, after timing belt job (note: new roller and water pump) 
>> the timing belt (right one, for MC2, aka super torque)  tends to 
>> position partially off the cam (less) and WP (more) sprockets.  About 
>> 1/4 of belt's width is hanging off the WP's sprocket.   After manually 
>> centering the belt on both sprockets, spinning the engine makes the belt 
>> go off the sprocket's centers.   My guess is:
>> a)  misaligned roller inside the cast housing(boss)  (hard to imagine 
>> that it can go in misaligned, it is so tight fitting);
>> b)  misaligned WP due to dislocated gasket;
>> Any comments will be greatly appreciated. 
>> Anyone machined WP's gasket groove for thicker gasket?  How much it can 
>> cost in a machine shop?   The surface on block is pitted and I have to 
>> use hight temp silicon gasket goop.  Last time it held 2 years only.
>> Also,  last several month 200tq (MC2)  gives short loud squeal when 
>> started.  Something like foam can do if rubbed against window pain.   
>> All belts  are new and and tight.   One of the shaft seals?  Oh... no...

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