Alan Howes' 2 CGT

Jan Pinkowish jpinkowish at
Sun Dec 31 13:33:02 EST 2006

Hi Peter,
A pleasure to be with you yesterday.  Always nice to put a face to the lister.

Before I call Alan Howes about his 2 CGT, I will tell you that both cars are '85 - '87.  The red one is(was) sitting in tall grass.  The black one is(was) sitting on a hard surface.  Neither car runs, but both have 4 wheels.  You'll need a trailer.

I don't know what year your ur-q is.  Will these later CGT benefit you?

I haven't spoken with Alan in 2 years.  The cars may be gone.

If you're still interested in the cars, I will call Alan this week to see if he has them and is interested in selling them.  Frankly, I have no idea if Alan will ask a reasonable price.  I will leave the negotiation to you.

Alan doesn't have an answering machine.  So, some luck is required.

Happy new year Peter.  If you hook up with Alan, it will be an adventure.


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