Need help, anyone with a CIS degree and familiar with Audi ignition systems

Matthew Kramer stpndsmn at
Wed Feb 1 02:47:48 EST 2006

I think I figured it out...   I found the two switches on the old JT TB and pulled them off of the old motor at which point I discovered that the closed throttle switch was broken.  The contact is completely gone..   I plugged off the vacuum leak on the new engine which was the air shrouded injector fitting.  Then I started looking around for the plug to the throttle switches.  I finally found a plug at which point I realized that I had the ISV plugged in to the throttle switch plug.  So I plugged the ISV to the correct partner and plugged the switch terminal into it's partner and now the engine revs up and idles...   Thankyou so much for all of the help....
  Right now the throttle switches are just plugged in but are not set-up to actually work because the one is broken..  When I get that replaced is there any reason that I couldn't lengthen the harness and set those up to work off of the throttle pedal instead of the TB?  My Mitsubishi TB dosn't exactly have a provision for Audi Throttle switches.  It does have it's own switch for closed throttle but it is only a single wire and doubtful if it is at all compatible...
  I am going to mess with the timing and such tomorrow after work because it is late and the neighbors don't like the sound of an unmuffled 10v the way I do.
  Thanks again

Huw Powell <audi at> wrote:
  > The throttle body on my 85 has only one switch that I can find
> anywhere near the TB I have seen the later cars that have two
> switches one on the bottom and one on the top. one clicks at
> throttle close the other at wide open. The TB on my old engine only
> has a WO switch on the top of the TB... at least that I can find...
> is there another spot to look for that??

It really should have been there - there would be a 3 pin connector, 
with two cables running out of it, one to the "bolt on the top" WOT 
switch, and one to the "bolt on the bottom and awkward" idle switch.

It's inherent to CIS-E, since the idle switch tells the system to use 
the ISV to maintain a steady idle. Previous CIS (which a JT/4kq would 
not have had) did not control idle electronically, it was done via the 
auxiliary air valve and idle adjustment screw on the TB.

> The CIS is just temporary until I can afford 034 and all the
> trappings of that. I'm not going to try to do a lot of tuning on the
> CIS I just want it to run well enough to drive for now.... My old
> JT was dying so it was time to swap while I have an extra car
> unfortunately I can't afford 034 yet....

There ya go...

Huw Powell

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