Hot Start problem 88 5kt automatic

MWoodland at MWoodland at
Fri Feb 3 09:41:54 EST 2006

I struggled with this one several times over the last 300k...

1. Verify spark, as mentioned before.
2. Verify fuel by pulling an injector and cranking with the injector
spraying (or not) into a jar.
     A vacuum leak due to a loose fitting on the plastic 'boot' over the
airflow plate would not allow the plate to 'lift' on a hot start,
     therefore not allowing the injectors to fire.
     The fitting was not visible from the engine compartment, but was
actually accessed by removing the passenger side inner fender (PITA).
     Until that was located, I worked around the problem by putting the
cold start injector on a manual momentary push button.
It never left me sitting again.
    The next time it happened, it was ultimately traced to the check valve
(which may have been contributing to the issue for years)
    I had it 'tested', and the tech said it was OK, but when I asked them
to re-test it several years later as a last resort, they found it was shot.
Once replaced, it would start instantly without the cold start 'shot' down
below 30 degrees.

If it is vapor locking, the cold start 'shot' will get the car running long
enough to purge the air column.
If it's a vacuum leak like I just described, same thing.
When I mentioned it on the list, I caught the usual crap about 'hacking'
the car, but it was the last time it let me sit.
Take no crap from your Audi or the purists.
Drive it like you stole it.
End of rant.


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