[Es2] Picture of AAN in a CQ

Ben Swann benswann at comcast.net
Fri Feb 3 16:40:42 EST 2006

Sorry - I was not aware that it required the plug-in.  It just ran on the 
several computers I've displayed it on.

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> Maybe I'm alone in my opinion in the cyber world but I
> really dislike web pages that require specific
> plug-ins or programs.
> I would like to see the pics of the AAN in a CQ but
> alas I don't have Flash 7 installed so I'm excluded.
> Maybe I'll try from home. I'm sure my daughter has
> installed Flash 7 on my PC at home, she has installed
> everything else out there.
> Jim
> (appearantly behind the times)
> --- Ben Swann <benswann at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Me Too - doing just that:
>> http://photoshow.comcast.net/watch/WR3AP3nJ
>> Ben
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>> Any one have a picture of an AAN in a Coupe?  I
>> would like to see how
>> some things were "handled".
>> Thanks,
>> Dave Kase]
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