Clutch creak / firewall crack?

Andrée-Anne Bourgeois laraa at
Tue Feb 7 01:02:44 EST 2006

I bet a beer or two that the problem is a broken overcenter/return spring...
Check for metal bits on the floor.

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Got the same creak on my 4KQ. The firewall is solid and doesn't flex, but  
half way down on the peddle it gets real hard and starts to make a creaking

noise and it almost feels like it is sticking when you release it. I've
everything is sight because that is just what it feels  like but it only
to get worse. The funny thing is that the first time you  step on the clutch

in the morning it goes smoothly to the floor, then gets  worse with every 
Any suggestions?
Thanks, Jim
'85 4KQ

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