10V Turbo swap question

Daniel Stevens dosteven at syr.edu
Wed Feb 8 11:14:34 EST 2006

thats also quite the possibility. 
in the time while i'm acquiring parts looking for a 2nd more wrecked donor. 
with a nice low price but complete. I don't mind reringing and replacing HGs or bearings, 
just need a good runner not a overheated or knocking donor.. 

of course a low miles 5cyl is a bonus..  I do have an 84 Quantum 5cyl with 82K sitting in storage. 
but the weight and highway drag of the syncro with 30" tires would really benefit from the turbo to maintain highway and passing speeds.  
for my 2nd vehicle and roadtrip ride, the syncro camper is far better suited. we have a new 05 model daily driver.. 

I still have to source the south african bellhousing and fabricate carrier bars(using my 83 Q5cyl as a size/placement jig. 

anyways.. I'll liekly be enjoying the 5000CS T for some time.. it's nice and pretty torquey has new exhaust (though i suspect it's touching the DS on downshift decelleration)  and the Falkin directiona tires don't really like 8in roadsnow. the quattro makes it go.. 

maybe next year i'd buy a set of dedicated snows. . 
dan in syracuse

>>> Mike LaRosa <mrmotoguzzi00 at yahoo.com> 2/8/2006 10:44:23 AM >>>

there is a 1990 200 turbo automatic sedan for $200
on boston.craigslist.org

says it runs and drives ;)

just a thought...


--- Daniel Stevens <dosteven at syr.edu> wrote:

> When someone does a 10v turbo swap, and they save
> and rework the ECU and wiring harness.
> do they retain the trip computer and the
> boost/milage display part?
> does it work without those components? how is the
> Boost pressure fuel pump cutoff 'feature' dealt
> with? 
> I'm not doing a 10V T swap just yet, and mine will
> be slightly unorthadox .. 
> not going into a 4000Q but into my 1987 Vanagon
> Syncro camper. 
> I'll be driving and enjoying the 5000 CS Turbo while
> I accumulate the parts necessary and restore the
> body and interior of the syncro 
> Dan in Syracuse. 
> 1987 5000 CS turbo (90k miles) 
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