buying new B6-stick or Tiptronic?

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Wed Feb 8 13:21:15 EST 2006


I'm the moderator on the B6 forums over at VWVortex, so I'll chime in a with my $.02. The 6-spd tip in the B6 is indeed made by Isien. Reliability should be good, they are major tranie suppliers to msot of the Japanese car manufacturers. But, this is a new design for them. Previous tips were made by ZF. If I had a choice, I'd go for the 6-spd manual...but there's a problem there too. You cannot get a manual tranie on anything except the msot basic Passats; the Passat 2.0T Value Edition and the standard Passat 2.0T with NO options packages. That's right, you cannot get any options on a Passat with a stick least not now. There is talk that they will begin offering the stick with options for the 2007 model year. That said, I am very pleased with our 2006 Passat 2.0T VE Tip. It's primarily the wifes car. Very quiet and fact it's quieter and more luxurious than my 2003 Infiniti G35. I may trade the Infinti for a Passat 2.0T once they start bringing in sticks with options...

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> From: William Magliocco <magliocc at>
> Date: 2006/02/08 Wed AM 10:07:23 EST
> To: quattro at
> Subject: buying new B6-stick or Tiptronic?
> OK, it's going to be a Passat.  In my opinion, close
> enough to a A4 and other Audi products to be on the
> list.  Besides, it is a generic question about VAG
> transmission choices in a new car.
> As some may note from last week's post, I am able to
> buy a new VW product through a special employee deal
> via my employer.  I can't broadcast the details, but
> it is good enough for me to make my first new car
> purchase in 22 years.
> I have narrowed other parameters down well enough to
> have it boil down to this last question:  Stick or
> Tiptronic?
> My first Audi was a '86 5kTurbo FWD sedan.  The
> absolute worst part of that car was the VW made a/t.
> On the other hand, I currently have a '93 100 with a
> ZF made, electronically controlled a/t.  I've had no
> beefs with it, and have fed it a steady diet of Dexron
> II ATF I get special from the local Shell/Quaker State
> Lubes warehouse. 
> But the Tiptronic is something altogether new to me. 
> I understand it is made by Isien, a Japanese company
> (spelling might be off on the name).  
> Any opins on what I should do?
> I'm well aware of the "fun to drive" factor a stick
> gives you, but an a/t might be more realistic choice,
> as long as they are reliable.  I also want to have the
> car equipped in a way that would allow for a quick
> sale if I lost my job tomorrow.  A stick would not
> have as many takers...
> I'm really looking for reliabliity information more
> than anything else.
> Thanks,
> Bill in ATL.
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