project 4ktq still won't start..

Matthew Kramer stpndsmn at
Thu Feb 9 01:12:26 EST 2006

Well the saga continues...
  At first tonight it would start but only run for maybe 15 secs.  kinda run crappy and rev down even with the throttle open.  I tried adjusting the timing but that had no effect.  I pulled the glove box and checked all the connections and everything seemed to be in working order.  However, after I pulled the glove box down the engine would no longer start...  The FPR and pump are definitely working because I can hear the pump cycling and smell fuel but I am using a different FPR than what was in the car,  I am using the one from my 83 CGT and the pins are a little different but it made the pump a lot louder.
  I notice that while keying on the car the volt meter is down around 8 volts but the car cranks pretty quickly, is that possibly not enough volts to run the computer and start?  I am also a little suspect of my coil wire, the connection seemed a little loose but it isn't any different than when it was running before.  I triple checked the connection for the ign. module and it seems fine.......
  Not really sure what to do next but the car needs to run tomorrow night because I have to be out of the garage Friday.
  Any help is much appreciated.

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