speedometer noise

Robert M porter_t_dog at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 9 09:55:52 EST 2006

[nearworthlesspost]  Yeah, I have that problem.  No solution though ;) 

>From: Eric Henning <spiders_2000 at yahoo.com>
>To: quattro at audifans.com
>Subject: speedometer noise
>Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2006 06:14:34 -0800 (PST)
>Greetings all,
>I removed the instrument cluster on my 86 4000Q to
>replace some bulbs.  After reconnecting the sppedo
>cable  I now get what sounds like a rattle a various
>speeds.  If i wiggle the instrument panel the noiose
>will either go away or change what speed it does it
>I'm guessing when I plugged the speedo cable back it
>it moved some gears inside that aren't aligned
>properly or loose now.  My next plan is to taek the
>speedo apart and have a look.  ANybody have similar
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