project 4ktq still won't start..

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Some basic things to try.  These are along the lines of ensuring the engine
has the basics to run - fuel, spark and compression.  


If you have a jumper wire, you can jumper the fuel pump relay on.  Better
yet, see if you can dig up one of the orange relays.  There is probably a
load reduction orange in the fusebox you can pull for the testing, but these
are good to get and keep for diagnosing problems such as yours.  With this
relay, you can swap with ignition triggered relay and have fuel pump on with
key on ignition on position.  So anyway, now you chould hear fuel pump
running.  Fuel can be forced through injectors by lifting up the throttle
plate - this can be done with a 3mm allen key inserted where the mixture
adju8stment is made and carefully grab the plat and lift without turning the
mixture screw.  A little tricky, so note the initial position incase the
screw turns while lifting.  When you do this, you should hear the squeel of
fuel going through the injectors - not too much or you'll flood it.


Before you force any fuel as above, you ought to check for spark.  I keep a
large alligator lead with one end attached to the outer casing of a spare
spark plug and the other attach to engine ground - the lift bracket in front
of the head is perfect for this.  Pull #1  plug wire and press onto test
plug.  Crank engine and see if there is spark.  If good spark, go to testing
for fuel.  If no spark, or weak or intermittant, then you need to test the
ignition system.  


Of course we'll assume for now the engine has good compression. 


BTW, if you are getting no primary (hall output), then you will have no
spark or fuel pump relay trigger.





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Well the saga continues...


  At first tonight it would start but only run for maybe 15 secs.  kinda run
crappy and rev down even with the throttle open.  I tried adjusting the
timing but that had no effect.  I pulled the glove box and checked all the
connections and everything seemed to be in working order.  However, after I
pulled the glove box down the engine would no longer start...  The FPR and
pump are definitely working because I can hear the pump cycling and smell
fuel but I am using a different FPR than what was in the car,  I am using
the one from my 83 CGT and the pins are a little different but it made the
pump a lot louder.


  I notice that while keying on the car the volt meter is down around 8
volts but the car cranks pretty quickly, is that possibly not enough volts
to run the computer and start?  I am also a little suspect of my coil wire,
the connection seemed a little loose but it isn't any different than when it
was running before.  I triple checked the connection for the ign. module and
it seems fine.......


  Not really sure what to do next but the car needs to run tomorrow night
because I have to be out of the garage Friday.


  Any help is much appreciated.




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