2-piece exhaust MF, 10v turbo question

Alex Kowalski hypereutectic1 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 12:11:25 EST 2006

Roy wrote:

>Ok, if I'm interpreting you correctly, the crack is in the flow divider
internal to the manifold and does not extend from the inside exhaust
flow area to the outside world. I'm sure I'll be just the first of many
to say "and your problem is?". Every one of the one piece manifolds
I've looked at has similar cracks. Unless it's letting exhaust leak out
of the manifold there's no harm done.

That's exactly correct.  There are no other cracks in the manifold and this
one is a hairline crack in the base of the Y-shaped flow divider.  Otherwise
the manifold is in very good condition -- it was removed from a car that was
involved in a serious accident but was running well at the time.  According
to the seller, it was installed as a dealer replacement for a cracked
one-piece several years ago.  I want to use it on the rebuilt engine I'm
putting in the '86, along with Ben Swann's chip and wastegate spring.


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