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First,  thanks to all who had suggestions and encouragment..

It was suggested to that I try to see if the throttle plate for the  CIS was 
stuck and this is actually close to what the issue is....    The throttle 
plate isn't exactly stuck but it is very stiff.   

I pulled the intake boot off and the turbo inlet  out of the way and tried to 
lift the plate by the center bolt using my small  snap-on magnet  which is 
usually strong enough to lift large bolts and  sockets, wrenches etc...   Well, 
the magnet actually had a difficult  time staying on the bolt head and it took 
a couple of tries to actually get a  good connection...    I'd say that it is 
probably a 2-3 lb pull to  lift the plate from it's resting position.   The 
plate will move  through it's entire range but it takes some effort to move it, 
more than the  intake of the turbo can provide I am sure...

If I  wedge the plate up a little the engine will idle and rev up until it 
runs out  of fuel and if I work the throttle plate and tb butterfly 
simultaneously the  engine will rev up and run beautifully..  but if the plate falls to 
it's  resting position the engine instantly dies...

I  don't recall that the throttle plate on my 83 CGT was ever that stiff and 
I am  not sure that my 4kq is supposed to be that stiff.  I doubt that the old 
 JT could ever have pulled a plate that stiff except at high rpm and full  
throttle....So I guess the question is... is the plate supposed to be that  
stiff,  is it fixable,  or do I need to replace  it????

I have the CIS head turned URQ style with a  VW rabbit intake boot and a 
custom fab'd 3 inch intake tube from there to the  turbo inlet...   I was thinking 
it was possibly a problem of too  much air volume in the system but I had a 
difficult time lifting the plate by  hand with my fingers on the center 

Thanks  for all the help
Matt Kramer
project 4kq  Hopefully  getting very close to done...

While trouble shooting the 2 URQ's I've had, I found the FD plate very  stiff 
due to fuel pressure. If you relieve the pressure I would bet it will flop  
rather easily. The car should maintain pressure for over 20 minutes after which 
 it will drop slowly for some time. If it is still stiff with no pressure 
_then_  you might have an issue.


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