project 4ktq It's ALIVE!!!

Matthew Kramer stpndsmn at
Sun Feb 12 21:33:49 EST 2006

Well, after a long day of head scratching and experimenting project 4ktq is now running!!  I think I have a couple small vacuum leaks in the air boot but nothing that can't be overcome...
  I went to the junkyard and got a different fuel dist unit and the only warm up regulator I could find which was on a 4cyl 4k...  I decided to first try the regulator and that didn't seem to make any difference at all...   So as a last resort I screwed the CO screw in a couple of turnsjust to see what would happen and now the engine runs and revs up!!  I've been slowly turning the CO screw back out just so it isn't so rich and it still runs and starts if I crack the throttle open a tiny bit...   I haven't put my timing light on it yet or hooked up my volt meter to the O2 so I don't really know what the settings are but at least it runs...    
  The only issue is that it sputters when revving up and the idle is high.  I suppose that may clear up when I get things set better and maybe when I put the correct warm up regulator back on..
  Thanks to everyone who helped out it is greatly appreciated and I couldn't have done it without all the listers who had suggestions and support

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