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Mike Arman Armanmik at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 13 13:37:55 EST 2006

> Subject: Re: Oil Change Instructions

> You said:  "FYI. Here is how to change your oil."
>        1) Pull  up to Wal Mart 

> Missing is : 4) 5 minutes after paying the bill and leaving the parking lot, 
> notice the oil pressure warning light is on.  Have the car towed to another 
> shop and spend another $100-150 having the stripped oil drain plug hole 
> repaired,  the cheap-*ss oil filter replaced, and the proper weight oil 
> installed.  If it's a stamped steel oil pan, figure in the parts and labor 
> to replace the oil pan itself.
> 5) Try to get Wal-Mart to pay for the damage they caused.

Young lady who lives next to a condo we sold last year had this happen
to her, and she WORKS at that Wal Mart! She had a little Toyota
something-or-other, had the oil changed at work, drain plug was cross
threaded and when it was tough to install, out came the air gun, and by
gosh we got it tight now, Bubba! Except all the oil leaked out and the
engine blew . . .

After eight months of increasingly acrimonious correspondence, Wal
Mart's final offer was to buy her a junkyard engine and let her pay to
have it installed - by them!

Despite my howls of protest, and against my wife's legal advice, that's
exactly what she opted to do - so they bought a junkyard engine and
charged her to install it. It lasted about three months, and then that
one blew up, too, and she went and bought another car.

Believe it or not, she still works at the same Wal Mart!

Do not EVER let monkey lads touch your Audi - EVER!!!!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman
90 V8Q

(DOT required dash placard: "Warning! This vehicle affects space and
time in its immediate vicinity!")

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