speedometer noise

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Take it to a speedo shop if there are any still around, preferably one that
works on VDO.  Have them lube the drive cable inside the armored cover.  If
it's kinked, they can fabricate another and you'll be good to go.


Jim Jordan

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 |> Is more apparent on cold days.
 |> I detached the cable from the cluster and lubed the connection. It 
 |> improved but a month or so afterwards, the noise came back.
 |My '87 4000 CSq does not have the noise ... it *does* have a 
 |bouncing speedo needle though ... FWIW.
 |Hopefully more help - on my old '64 VW bug, the speedo made 
 |an intermittent noise (and "bouncing") that got worse right 
 |up to the point that the needle dropped to zero permanently.  
 |The problem: lack of lubrication in the the sheath that held 
 |the speedo cable - not at the connector.  It was not 
 |"lubricatable" to my knowledge, but it was "replaceable".  It 
 |was very quiet and accurate after the cable was replaced.
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