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OK as i'm looking into and learning what i'd need to know just to ask
questions about doing an 5cyl engine swap.. 


*** Many good sites for similar swaps and I'll include mine:


What about the Flywheel and sensor?  are there sensors relating to the


*** Yes - Speed aka reference sender which counts flywheel teeth,  and RPM
sender using pins on the flywheel.  These sensors are required and used in
conjuction with the hall sender (distributor) as inputs to the ECU which
generates the primary used to trigger coil/amp and also trigger fuel pump
relay.  Engine will not start or run without these.


*** You can use the 4kq one, but likely someone (like myself)  has the
larger diameter one from a 5000 turbo to sell you for little extra.  The 4kq
one will not handle the torque as well and I'd recommend going with the
larger.  The lighter 200QT20V one is lighter and even better, though more
expensive.  You'll probably do fine with a 5kt unit - I suspect the 4kq unit
will be marginal and begin to slip prematurely.


Engine knock?  **** No this is on the block ***


timing?  *** Using both distributor and flywheel sensors - all required. ***

tach?  *** Output from primary - generated by ECU based on above ***


*** See my wiring details for more info.


it's my understanding the 4000q 5cyl uses a 228mm clutch and PP does the
5000 turbo flywheel fit in the 4000q bellhousing? *** YES !


I guess i'm not sure what the clutch diam and consequently PP diam of the
5000T is. 

*** 240mm


so the golden question is would a 4000q (5cyl, 228mm) flywheel work with the
IGN and ECU of the 5000turbo?  *** Yes but better to go with the 5000 unit.



Thanks for your time and consideration. 


Dan Stevens

1987 5000CS quattro

1987 syncro camper]


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