Close call

Doug Johnson ur-quattro at
Sat Feb 18 18:46:05 EST 2006

This all reminds me of heading over to the east side of Washington state
with a friend who, thankfully, was sleeping on our way to Thanksgiving

With the cruise control on the 4kcsq set at 70 MPH and solid snow covering
the ground, I notice that I'm approaching what appears to be a simple cloud
of snow blowing across the road.  As I get nearer, the cloud's not moving,
so I swerve into the other lane to avoid it.

Low and behold, I missed a ........... SNOWPLOW by only a couple of feet.

Needless to say, the friend knows nothing regarding why I swerved and woke
her up..... 

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A Christmas tree at 50 would be bad.

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