re. What clutch do I need when putting 3B in 4000Q?

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The one for the 5000 turbo quattro MC-1 works with either 5000 flywheel and
pressureplate or 200QT20V 3B setup.  Just use the 5000 clutch disk wit 3B
flywheel and PP - BTDT 



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Subject: What clutch do I need when putting 3B in 4000Q?

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I apologize if this has been discussed before, but it is new to  me.


I have removed the engines from both cars, and I can clearly see the  input
shaft of the 4000Q trans is different than the input shaft of the 200  20V


So, this worries me, and makes me wonder what combination of parts (clutch,
flywheel, release bearing, clutch release arm), do I need to make this


BTW, I have the complete 200 20V available to pick parts from,  but I don't
really want to disassemble the two trans's and swap input  shafts  (The
trans in this car is bad, which is why I was able to obtain it  as a donor
for this project).


Any BTDT's would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.


Chris  (_VFChris at aol.com_ (mailto:VFChris at )]

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