Strange Shuddering

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Mon Feb 20 19:09:47 EST 2006

Completely different 200tqa had similar symptoms at first, then 
developed full-blown bog-down on acceleration...kept running, but only if 
the throttle was feathered.  Turned out to be a failed MAF sensor.  If the 
other cures don't help, maybe this could be investigated.  Regards, Tom

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> Driveshaft center support bearing?  I would drive it a while longer at a
> variety of different RPMs and speeds.  See if the vibration persists and
> report back.
> As far as warmup is concerned, I don't do it unless I absolutely have to
> (meaning subfreezing temperatures and a passenger who can't stand them.)
> Put the key in, start it, and drive it gently until it's warm.  As Brett
> states, it only takes a few minutes, at the most, and besides -- you're
> getting where you're going even if for the first few minutes you're 
> running
> a little slow.  If your SO can't stand the cold, try kissing her.  Works 
> for
> me.  ;)
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