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Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 09:43:53 EST 2006

If you don't have a 200q20v Avant, you're pretty limited in terms of wheel
size and offset.

If you want 18s, you'd need to run something like a 18x7" ET45, which would
be really hard to find.

Also, the widest tire without fender rolling is going to be a 205 or 215
section. That width combined with the low profile sidewall of something like
a 205/45R18 would make the tire
poorly suited to a large, heavy car like the 200. You'd need to watch your
tire load capacity- probably need to find a XL rated tire in that size- I
highly doubt you'll find one.

I'd recommend not going with anything larger than 205 or 215/55R16 on a
16x7. Anything more than that and your load-handling capability of the tire
goes down a lot which becomes a safety issue. 205/50R17 is doable if you can
find a 17x7, which isn't the easiest thing to find.


On 2/22/06, tmb <the_questionist at yahoo.com> wrote:
> i gotta tell you, i would much rather save my
> questions if i can find the answer somewhere
> else, but there doesn't seem to be a search engin
> in the archives.  am i missing something?
> alright, now for the wheel question.  since the
> 200 wagon is slightly larger than most cities, i
> really want to throw some bigger wheels on it.  i
> would like to run 18s, because i think that they
> would give the biggest visual impact.  also
> because i have a line on a set of A8 rims.
> there doesn't look to be a lot of room in the
> arches to muck about, tho.  on top of that, i
> have koni reds and H&R 40mm drop springs for it
> that will be going on shortly, so that'll help
> lose even more clearance.
> so, am i dreaming?  do i need V8 or 20V arches to
> even begin thinking like this?  if so, how big
> can i go?  16s?  17s?
> thanks, all.
> jason
> tmb
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