[urq] Gruppe-q Steamboat 2006 Report

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Wed Feb 22 16:21:48 EST 2006

Good stuff Justy-
I just gotta say again- Gruppe-Q 06 was soooo fun I can't even explain.  As 
I was spinning (literally) around the track in our dedicated '91 200, I 
couldn't help but laugh my butt off while wondering why this isn't illegal 
it was so fun.....  I almost don't want to get the word out as I'm afraid it 
will get too crowded....

Once again- big thanks and great job to Justy, Hackl, and WG - always great 
to see you guys and the rest of the Chicago/Detroit/etc crew.

'84 urq 20v
'98 A4 1.8Tq
'01.5 S4 - new arrival

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> Alas, once again, a year has passed, and a new round of confessions is
> needed regarding the Outlaws of Quattros on Ice.  This year the weather 
> proved
> picture perfect, the video and still documentation extensive, and the 
> fun...
> Addicting.  As usual, Best of format will  apply:
> Best condo chow not to do again:  No Chili this year.  In honor  of 
> Golledge
> and Chad's antics, we used Ham to feed the masses.
> Best on Track Spin:  Because of the convenient video footage, and the 
> double
> horn toot following the demo, Chad takes it this year (for visual
> presentation) over Ingo (frequency winner) and Golledge (best audio)
> Best carnage:  Ingo.  I believe at one point, he dropped half his  v8 
> belly
> pan, drove around it several laps before he realized in the pits it was 
> indeed
> his.  The before and after shots of "mom's new v8" seemed to define
> 'oxymoron' to the very statement.
> Best Tool at the track:  Following best carnage, was the brand new 
> cordless
> sawsall WG Giles put in his trunk.  Christened properlly at 7200  feet by
> Ingo, cutting off the other lower half of his front bumper.
> Best hold your breath moment:  Brandon Rogers taking his pristine 20vt 
> urq
> on track and doing a perfect center track spin, then stamping back on the 
> gas
> when the realization came there would be no contact.  Did not qualify  for
> Best on Track Spin (no carnage or horn)
> Best video:  Still held in the archives, to be edited and released,  the
> Chase of the Big Dogs...  Justy's supercharged yota with camera,  chasing 
> Golledge
> in the LT1Q - some 650+ combined HP...  Several video pans  across the 
> front
> of the truck were so close, you couldn't see the tail  lights.  The audio 
> and
> visual presentation earns Golledge the stuntman of  the year.
> Best background Audio:  Tie.  Golledge LT1Q at 5000rpm / Ben  Howell's 
> laughs
> at watching it all.
> Best 'what's in the box'?  Justy arrives with Blizzack equipped/
> supercharged 4.5liter DOHC Landcruiser.  Killer whale wading around 
> amongst  the minnows.
> Best reaction to what's in the box:  Pederson incredulous monolog  after
> Justy's Jolly Green Giant chased down the turbo gonzo wagon
> Best Tow.  Wayne Brenegan conveniently raised the back of his A6tt (LR 
> tire
> 1.5feet in the air) to 'facilitate a clean look at the rear tow point of 
> said
> vehicle' .  Safety first.
> Best Salesman.  Pederson takes two cars to event (1 with Pizzo), ends  up
> running just 1.  Hopefully, the intro to Gruppe-q won't cost you any  cars 
> next
> year...
> Best Tow II.  The Landcruiser's sheer heft made a lot of friends at  this
> event.  The F250 turbo diesel pickup (Big Dog) infamous "extreme 
> prejudice to
> task" , was replaced with the Jolly Green Giant "gentle  persuasion". 
> Note:
> Neither loses using respective modus  operandi.
> Best Non Tow.  Thankfully for all, there was no off for the  landcruiser, 
> so
> no Battle of the Bohemouth video.
> Best Scandinavian Flick:  Tie.  For the synchronization on  camera, Hackl 
> and
> Lawson had dual Flicks in turn 2 that could be the beginnings  of an
> Audisport Video.
> Best Quattro twister..  WG driving Lee R 95 S6 with carbon fiber roof 
> box,
> or JGG with yellow towing tail.  The quattro with a big box, or a  quattro 
> as a
> big box?
> Best Prejudice to Task:  The Riley (85) urq lowered a valve  spring on 
> Tues.
> Ran for all 3 days of the event, before deciding to cough  up the motor 
> all
> together.
> Best Field Repair.  Justy takes this for 2 radiator R&R at track  (one at 
> 10
> degrees, the other below zero).  Post event, a bit of MacGuyver  by Laddie 
> to
> get his urq off a 9000 foot pass at a windchill of -30.   Battery to field
> wire got us to Laramie where volt reg was swapped at a balmy 24  degrees.
> Best Repair Shop Involvement Trophy.  Why does Justy always get to 
> present
> this?  A most accomodating radiator repair shop in Craig,  became my 
> savior
> this year... Twice.  Something about radiator fans and  core causing an
> interference fit at high rpm.
> Best Off with Pride:  Rogers holding the '91 200tq bumper conveniently
> removed from said vehicle.  After, er, belt inspection, it was literally 
> pressed
> back into service.
> Best Preemtive Strike of Spider.  Chip Ellis (91 CQ) made a safari  style
> bumper, albeit one year too late, that did exactly what in hindsight, Ingo 
> would
> have wanted it to do...
> Best Ride for a Newbie.  After Waye's gal Lisa grabbed the doorhandles  in
> Justy's JGG, we insisted that a ride in the Golledge machine would cure 
> the
> white knuckle problem.  It did.
> Best Off Track Junket:  The wild and crazy, and majorly "out of  bounds"
> excursion to the Strawberry Hot Springs.  4 co-drivers with beers,  1 
> ProRally
> Driver with a really big rally truck.  Getting there is half the  fun.
> Best (only) Ticket Display:  70mph crosswinds and new nubby Blizzacks  got
> Justy stopped in Nebraska for a suspected DUI.  Insisted on the written 
> warning
> for that one.
> Best Stig (Stick) Blunder.  Pizzo 'grabbing' second so hard in  Pederson's
> wagon, he pulled the shift knob clear off.  They must chain them  into the
> Mistus.
> Best of Denial.  Chad taking the 200 to pit lane 50 feet before the  JGG
> lapped him.  Riley verbally claimed being jipped.  Sorry no  refunds on 
> free rides.
> Best Convenient Out.  Brandon Rogers repeatedly found the rough trail  to 
> the
> top of the hill out of turn 8.  Missing the scandanavian flick can  and 
> did
> put plan B into effect.
> Best Follow my Leader.  Golledge literally bounced his LT1Q around the
> track.  Chad had his moments, but Peter was more consistent.  The  Aussie 
> accent in
> debriefs added that much more flare.
> Best realization someone is getting old.  Justy sharing the laugh 
> regarding
> Golledge bank bounces, got the response "Well, I lernt it from you, 
> mate!".
> Yup, I'm older, the real questionL  Wiser?
> Best Hooligans on a Mission:  Justy has forewarned M. Pizzo, that he 
> should
> *never* leave his "Joe Boxer" smiley shorts at the condo.  Several 
> modeled
> photos of said garmet will be found on the internet soon.   Copywrited by 
> Ingo
> and Justy.
> That's it for now, I'm sure others can add to the perspective.   Overall, 
> the
> returnies are getting better at this, and the trend will be to  bring a
> dedicated beast I'm sure.  I must thank Bob ChimChim "let's just  knock it 
> out"
> Dupree for taking the time pre-event to help me stuff the  permanently 
> loaned
> supercharger in the Landcruiser.  A couple of budwiesers  in the airbox 
> during
> assembly said it all.  A thanks to Hackl (Registrar)  and WG (Safety 
> Steward)
> for taking on the responsible roles and real work in my  crazy vision. 
> Thanks
> to all the wives of the G-q crew, for once  again allowing some 
> testosterone
> relief of Cabin Fever.  To Nate and his  Dad, for jumping back onto the 
> horse
> Thurs/Fri.  To the whole G-q crew, for  making this event the best ever. 
> Chad,
> I promise a 'real' quattro next  year brother.  Ben, thanks for the rides,
> always best to reconnect  over laughter.  Ingo and Dave L, great behind 
> the
> scenes work  gents. Pederson, the sales award for this event is all yours 
> sir.  Not
> sure how many you let drive, but a lot of helmets entered your drivers
> seat.  Lisa, thanks for proving newbies can do this event, and very well, 
> thank
> you.  Justin and Amber, lest we ever forget what lengths any of  us endure 
> for
> this event, you have set the highest standard with the best  attitudes.
> Video links can be found on G-q site
> _www.gruppe-q.com_ (http://www.gruppe-q.com)
> End of Report
> Game Over>Detox 1 year>insert quarter to play again.
> Scott Justusson
> Eventmaster
> Gruppe-q Steamboat 2006
> '94 Landcruiser SC (aka Jolly Green Giant)
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