Alternator/Starter Wiring

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Feb 22 19:28:09 EST 2006

> I have misplaced my manual, and I need help with
> wiring. 

these answers are going to depend on your year and model...

this diagram: shows how the 
typical 80's "battery under hood" Audi is wired.  The "battery under 
back seat" cars, I think, will have one main battery to starter wire, 
and from there will run wires to the fusebox and alternator, usually 
with another wire running from the alt. to the fusebox.

> Also, the exciter wire that goes to the Selenoid in
> the
> starter, does it go to the connector on top or below
> the Selenoid?

There are often two "small" wires going to the starter - one is the 
"start" signal wire, and the other is a return line to the fusebox to 
help keep the voltage up while cranking.  Getting them wrong will not 
hurt anything, except that the car won't crank when the key is turned. 
In that case, they are backwards, and you should switch them.  Or, just 
try the exciter wire on each terminal to find which one is right.

> Finally, there is also another, 16-18 gauge wire; I
> believe that one goes to the smaller screw position on
> the alternator next to the big alternator power
> search, correct?

If that is the blue "D+" wire that excites the alt, yes.

Huw Powell

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