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Mark J. Besso mbspeed at maxboostracing.com
Wed Feb 22 20:13:43 EST 2006


I took the time to have a set of 2006 A6Q wheels mounted on my 1986 5KTQA. 
They're 17x7.5" with a 45mm offset and the stock tires clear the fender by 
approximately ¼". (My wagon has been lowered ~20mm)  Since the stock tires 
for the A6Q are 225/45-17 I figured that a 205/40-17 would give the 
necessary clearance and be much closer to the stock inflated height of my 

If you could find a set of wheels with 50mm of offset it would be perfect. 
I haven't found anything with that offset in a 7.5" width.  Most aftermarket 
17" wheels are 8" wide which simply won't clear the rear wheel arch.

All bets are off with 18" wheels since I doubt there's a suitable tire size 
you could find that won't have interference problems.


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From: "tmb"
Subject: wheel question

>i gotta tell you, i would much rather save my
> questions if i can find the answer somewhere
> else, but there doesn't seem to be a search engin
> in the archives.  am i missing something?
> alright, now for the wheel question.  since the
> 200 wagon is slightly larger than most cities, i
> really want to throw some bigger wheels on it.  i
> would like to run 18s, because i think that they
> would give the biggest visual impact.  also
> because i have a line on a set of A8 rims.
> there doesn't look to be a lot of room in the
> arches to muck about, tho.  on top of that, i
> have koni reds and H&R 40mm drop springs for it
> that will be going on shortly, so that'll help
> lose even more clearance.
> so, am i dreaming?  do i need V8 or 20V arches to
> even begin thinking like this?  if so, how big
> can i go?  16s?  17s?
> thanks, all.
> jason
> tmb

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