LAC: Red paint prone to oxidation?

Andrew Buc AndrewBuc at
Thu Feb 23 00:44:12 EST 2006

I'm giving some thought to getting another car, and as it'll be used, I 
won't be able to choose the color. I've heard somewhere that for some 
chemical reason, red paint oxidizes more readily than other colors. 
Anyone know anything about this? It seems to me that often the badly 
oxidized older cars I see are some shade of red, but that's a 
subjective, unscientific impression. From '95 to '99 I had a maroon '74 
Peugeot that had some of the worst-oxidized paint I've ever seen on a 
car--if I'd wanted to restore it, a repaint would definitely have been 
part of the package. But I don't know what sort of care the finish 
received in the 21 years before I got it.

MAC: Many Audis are red.

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