how'd they do that?

Tessie McMillan tessmc at
Thu Feb 23 13:37:02 EST 2006

I've seen folks who have integrated their modern media players with 
the stereo systems in their cars. The cars are fairly new models though, 
with such goodies as onboard GPS, etc.

I have the original radio/tape deck in my '88 and for various reasons am 
not planning on changing it. But I'd like to tote around a portable media 
player and listen to it without headphones. Is there any kind of unit 
that can send a signal to my _old fashioned stereo_ so my stereo system 
will amplify the portable media player?

Have any of you actually done this? How'd you do it?

in Bellevue, WA USA
still looking for a 5KTQA, preferably red, preferably with sport 

Det beror inte på vem du är; det beror bara på vad du gör.

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