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More "European Videogame Playboy" than Mafioso:,0,1692414.story?coll=la-home-headlines

I should have remembered -- what has happened to a few of these guys when
they get rich is that they buy the fastest cars they can get their hands
on, then they give them away in contests to fellow gamers, drive them for
fun, or crash them:

<snip>I drive my twin-turbo F50 almost all of the time. It took a while to
get all the bugs sorted out, but it is almost a perfect combination right
now. It is light, nimble, and responsive, and 600 hp at the rear wheels is
just about perfect for a street car of that configuration.

I only drive my testarossa now when I am low on gas in the F50 or if I need
to drive someplace where I think the extra inch or two of ground clearance
is important. It is heavy and ponderous, but every time I do drive it, I am
impressed again with the power. 1000 hp at the rear wheels is excessive. It
takes a while to spin the turbos up to the full 24 psi of boost, but when it
has a full head of steam going, it moves like nothing else on the road. It
runs away from superbikes on the highway. However, when exercising it, you
have a very clear sense that you are taking your life into your hands.

Carmack, however, started an aerospace company to compete for the Ansari X
prize, and AFAIK he never crashed his F-50 or any of his other toys.
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