200 TQA wagon engine/driveability question

Daniel Stevens dosteven at syr.edu
Thu Feb 23 14:12:45 EST 2006

well since i bought my 87 5000CS Turbo my father has admired it and we found a local 89 200 TQA wagon (think it's an Avant)

it's nice has 2xs the miles(187K) my 87 has and some more wear and tear, but we feel we got a decent deal.
especially since it was very local, and what my father preferred most a wagon with the power&traction like my sedan.

anyways.  I know it has the MC-II engine. but aside from a higher base CR and 2 knock sensors i'm not sure what it's other differances are.. 

it pulls past 1.4bar  my 87 so far hasn't gotten past 1.3 (goes like hell roads are too short) 
it seems his gets to 1.4+ quicker then mine. and can hear more of the pressure venting. 
also the fuel cut-off triggers in and sputters it.. I'm thinking this is all normal operation.. but isn't the exact behavior as mine.. 
am I safe to assume the 87 and 89 would in general behave similiarly? 

Ohh and anyone have a rear latch/inside mechanism for a Audi Wagon (1989) theres a plastic nub busted off and the button won't work. 

Dan Stevens
1987 5000cs TQ (87k)
1989 200TQA (187K)

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