Lowered Audis

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Fri Feb 24 07:05:17 EST 2006

I mostly concur.  A few more points:

1. I actually do find benefits -- on smooth roads  with no snow - of 
lowering the center of gravity. Audi does it themselves on all th "S" 
cars. But note that they only lower them 20 mm.  More than that affects 
camber, CV joint entry angle, and other stuff.

2. The other problem is that as people go bigger on wheels, idiots tell 
them that with big enough spacers "it'll clear".  True enough. It'll 
also increase scrub radius, increase torque steer, increase suspension 
and BJ stress and screw up steering, bit by bit.

3. If you do lower, get a well respected kit, preferably one that 
allows adjustment.  I had a bilstein kit once - springs, shocks, 
adjustable spring perches, etc and it was great.  But also notice that 
with adjustment comes the opportunity to make things worse.  At one 
poitn I actually created oversteer. Fortunately, it was on purpose :-)

On Feb 23, 2006, at 9:44 PM, <mccohens at verizon.net> wrote:

> Go rice out a honda. please don't screw up a good handling Audi with 
> "look cool" dreams.
> PO of my 80TQ installed cut down SPAX coils and 16's.  Looked neat, 
> but handled like crap and bottomed on everything. I put in Bilsteins 
> and H&R's and the ride height came up an inch or more, but it handles 
> way better.  The Audi suspension just isn't designed for a major drop 
> without alignment issues.
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