quattro Digest, Vol 28, Issue 56

Michael, Dave Dave_Michael at maxtor.com
Mon Feb 27 16:24:03 EST 2006


We have a 90 200QA with 213,00 miles. It's a very robust engine, but as
you may know, does suffer from a need to maintain certain aspects. In
any case, if your boost is limited by the fuel cut-off, it is almost
certain that the waste-gate diaphragm is torn. It's a  pain to replace,
since you have to remove the wastegate. You can test it with a vacuum
pump. If you are lucky, then the problem is just a wastegate hose that
has a hole in it.

Not sure if you have seen Scott <ockrey's site on type44 turbos, but if
not, you should read it. Many times.

Good Luck


> anyways.  I know it has the MC-II engine. but aside from a 
> higher base CR and 2 knock sensors i'm not sure what it's 
> other differances are.. 
> it pulls past 1.4bar  my 87 so far hasn't gotten past 1.3 
> (goes like hell roads are too short) 
> it seems his gets to 1.4+ quicker then mine. and can hear 
> more of the pressure venting. 
> also the fuel cut-off triggers in and sputters it.. I'm 
> thinking this is all normal operation.. but isn't the exact 
> behavior as mine.. 
> am I safe to assume the 87 and 89 would in general behave similiarly? 
> Ohh and anyone have a rear latch/inside mechanism for a Audi 
> Wagon (1989) theres a plastic nub busted off and the button 
> won't work. 
> Dan Stevens
> 1987 5000cs TQ (87k)
> 1989 200TQA (187K)
> ------------------------------

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