CIS-E advice please

Huw Powell audi at
Tue Feb 28 21:35:56 EST 2006

> My 4kq. The CO reading is way too high and I have the DPR mA set 
> to ~10mA fluctuating and the 02 sensor is new and working.  If I set the CO to 
> specs using the 3 mm screw in the fuel distributor the car struggles to start 
> and has no power.  The injectors have a perfect cone spray and the fuel 
> pressure is correct and the coil,plugs,ign. wires are all new.  Ideas?

I would suspect a vacuum (intake tract) leak.  That would cause your 
fuel adjustment to be rich to compensate for the extra air, which I 
think would lead to high CO at other rpms/loads than idle.  Be sure to 
check under things, all the molded rubber bits that go bad always seem 
to do so where you can't see easily.

A prime culprit, by the way, is the four way molded bit that goes from 
the ISV to the IM, it sucks flat at idle when it is older, and this 
tends to make a nasty crack in it.

Huw Powell

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