type44 air dam/chin spoiler

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Sun Jan 1 12:07:42 EST 2006

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> Apparently JCWhitney used to carry a chin spoiler that could be installed 
> on
> the T44's - they are NLA now.  I do believe that if you look up Steve from
> Michigan in the V8/etc. group in Audiworld, he has a chin spoiler installed
> on his car.  I've heard of someone using garden edging from Home Despot as a
> chin spoiler.  Y

i remember "sarge's  red 91 20vtq w/ the JC Whipme chin spoiler on it.    
damn that is a long time ago.   anyway, your right, they are NLA from JCW.

as far as Home DeSport - i think that wambly garden edging looks cheesy 
enough around my flowerbeds..   tho that plaster lath is temptingly cheap 
alternative to a Kamei sport mesh grille...  *rolls eyes*

ill try the inverted chopped bumper thing and let y'all know how much i earn 
doing people's driveways the next time it snows..

'86 5kT  (damn, i cant believe it's still running)

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