2-wheel Drive Light Indicator

Kneale Brownson kneale at coslink.net
Mon Jan 2 15:33:06 EST 2006

There is no "two-wheel-drive" in a Quattro system.  You have all-wheel
drive all the time.   The system varies where power goes depending upon the
need, but it's somewhat front-wheel biased.   What you think is two-wheel
drive is locking the center differential.  This puts the system in a 50-50
power delivery mode.    The second stage is locking the rear differential.
The fact the light doesn't light probably means there's a bulb out or it
could mean the center differential lock actuator isn't functioning.

At 02:06 PM 1/2/2006 -0500, Max Hoepli wrote:
>Happy New Year All!
>I have a 1986 Audi Quattro, when turning the knob for 2-wheel drive the 
>green indicator light does not go in the axle symbol for the front wheels, 
>when turning to 4-wheel drive the green light dot luminates on the symbol on 
>the rear axle between 2 rear wheels. Why won't green light dot illuminate on 
>symbol between 2 front wheels?
>Last time in November when used both green dot lights were illuminating.
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