Wires in drivers door jamb failure Type 44

SuffolkD at aol.com SuffolkD at aol.com
Fri Jan 6 22:50:46 EST 2006

The next time we're at WG, I'll see if we can even out the advantage you have 
on the back straight away with your freer flowing exhaust.  :-)

Any manufacturer who claims a "lifetime" anything is a courtship like a 

The best line I ever heard a street vendor say was:  "Rolex?  why you wanta 
Rolex?  You live forever?"
-Scott by BOSTON

In a message dated 1/6/2006 10:48:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
pjrose at frontiernet.net writes:

>  why 
> not also put in a complaint about those pesky holes in the 
> stainless-steel exhaust system while your you're at it?

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