can't get engine lid to open - '88 80Q

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Sat Jan 7 23:33:54 EST 2006

Try to hold the release lever while giving the hood a few sharp raps on the
corner of the hood. I had this work when the hood release cable stretched in
my Scirocco. It is also the same double latch mechanism. If that doesn't
work, try to take off the hood release handle. Maybe you can pull the cable
slightly farther with visegrips. This may be enough to release the second
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> Lately the hood release mechanism has been requiring more and more force
> to release the engine lid. Now it seems there's nothing doing when I pull
> on it. I am able to release only the driver's right side of the engine
> lid.
> Page 55.5 of my Bentley shows (sort of) how the cable actuates the release
> under the hood, but to me it seems to leave a lot to the imagination.
> I tried accessing the release through the front grille, but still can only
> get the driver's right side to release by sliding the center hook (the
> one you'd normally slide with your hand) to the right. I can only move it
> a certain distance, as the lid is stuck tight on the right side, just to
> the right of center.
> Can anyone provide any information on what else I could try? I don't
> understand the two items magnified as "guide sleeves" to the left and
> right of the center hook (which, BTW is not pictured in my Bentley).
> I am afraid of breaking the release that is located inside the car,
> although I can pull it quite a bit and I don't feel that snappy tension it
> formerly had. Does this mean the cable is broken or merely loose?
> Hoping someone knows the mechanism a little better...
> Tess
> in Bellevue, WA USA
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