2-wheel Drive Light Indicator

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 10:51:09 EST 2006

You also forgot to take into account wheelbase and chassis setup-
the Impreza chassis (your 9-2X) has a much shorter wheelbase (99in. IIRC)
than pretty much any of the Audis (4kq was 106 or 107 IIRC) and the
car is more neutrally biased than a stock Audi.

205/55R16 works fine on a 3300lb. car, BTDT with the A4 Avant that we had.

Check your entry speeds- you might be going a lot faster than you think,
the feeling of instability (going 50 as opposed to 35 in some other car).

Now if you had 225s on a 3300lb. car, that would be different- my 225/45R17
Nokian NRW were marginal on a 3600lb. 200q, they're terrible in snow on a
lb. car. I need 205/50R17s now. Tail-happy isn't the word- I feel like I'm
driving a
RWD car. Then again, STis are less understeering than a regular WRX. Lock
DCCD to 50/50 and I'm fine, though.


On 1/8/06, LL - NY <larrycleung at gmail.com> wrote:
> I inherited the same generation Legacy with the 4EAT auto tranny. On
> taking off in slippery conditions, it acted like a slow Haldex, the fronts
> would slip, then the rears kicked in, usually right when you decided that
> you DIDN'T want to enter the busy intersection. So you ended up stopped
> and repeated the cycle over and over again, the set-up hardly being as
> transparent as quattro when timing your launches was important. However,
> unlike George's Legacy, once moving, the car was actually quite balanced,
> driving four wheel drifts and lurid tail slides was easy. In many
> respects,
> that
> old wagon drove a lot like my old 4KQ, it was just so cheap feeling, with
> the
> safety impression of an aluminum soda can.
> Currently, my daily driver is a Saab9-2X Aero (i.e. a GM forced WRX wagon)
> with the current 5 sp Scoob tranny. It accelerates just fine, certainly as
> transparent as quattro, however, in spite of it's supposed 50-50% torque
> distribution, it's a whole lot tail happier, which is fun when you're
> playing,
> but at bit disconcerting (can't relax) in slick conditions (snow/ice) when
> you
> really need to be somewhere. A part of this may be the relative light
> weight
> (3300 lbs) vs the bigger brakes limiting me to 205/55-16's, which feel
> perfectly
> stable on my 3800 lb UrS.
> LL - NY
> On 1/7/06, George Selby <gselby4x4 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> >
> > At 07:07 PM 1/7/2006, you wrote:
> > >The old VC diff cars were 100 FWD until the VC started locking up.
> >
> > I was totally unimpressed with my old (92) Legacy wagon's manual tranny
> > AWD
> > setup.  Sure, it would more forward in slippery conditions, but try to
> > turn
> > or stop and the front wheels slid like crazy - even with just a wet
> road,
> > much less icy.  I understand the newer manual trannys gears are made of
> a
> > special break prone glass.
> >
> > George Selby
> >
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