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Wed Jan 11 12:49:47 EST 2006

Gary Meier wrote:
> I'm looking at upgrading to a mid to late 90's vehicle; probably an A4
> or A6 Quattro. Any advice from the list on specific things to
> check/watch out for or specific years/models that are particularly
> problematic would be most appreciated.

>OK, I'll take the bait. :)

>Compared to my '89 200 TQ, my '94 100 S Avant (V6, automatic,
and FWD) has been as reliable as they come.  It seems from
reading this list that the mid-90s Audis seem to have it all
-- a slow-but-reliable V6, newer electrics, and not so many
prone-to-failure gee-gaws (like heated steering wheels, etc.).
I think your best bet is to just find the one with the best
maintenance records; look mainly for oil changes and the
t-belt, but it would be nice to know when the brake pads,
rotors, and calipers were done.

>When you do acquire one, change all the fluids, and look
closely at the rubber bits -- radiator and heater hoses,
brake lines, and tires (sidewall cracks more than tread).

All of the above plus:
Moto: The more you pay the more you check.
Unless it's still under warranty, best is to take it to a tech, put it up on
a hoist and look, poke...  Barring that at least I'd check (or have it
checked) the compression, drive it and listen, feel how it tracks, shifts,
clunks.  After giving it on a Hwy (I took the recently bought beetle briefly
to 150 km/h - the sunroof automatically closed at that speed to the
amazement of the owner) stop and look, listen to the engine - over and
A4 and A6 - suspension is complex with many bushings that do wear and are
pricey coming only with the control arms.
If maintenance costs are important, I'd look at parts prices on and compare the intended for purchase vehicles.
One can pray, too, I imagine ...

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