How Reliable Are '95 90 Qs?

no1of consequence iin10ded at
Wed Jan 11 16:48:37 EST 2006

i think youd be crazy to get the 90 when the a4 is SO much better of a car 
and cheap these days. i got my 98 for 7500$ - ive put 2500 into it in 
maintenance and whatnot and have put 30k on it in a year with 1 breakdown. 
its a GREAT car.

the 1.8 is a newer / faster / more reliable / easier to work on / less to 
break motor than the 6.

not to mention that instead of women saying "wait.. WHAT kind of audi is 
this?" they'll say "oooooooohhh.. i LOOOOOOOOOVE your car!" which, 
incidentally, NEVER happened in the 4k, 5k or 90. =)

imo of course.

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