It's alive!

Jim Green at
Thu Jan 12 12:38:27 EST 2006

I fired up the 20vt for the first time last night.  Wow is all I can say.  Man
this thing is smooth, no vibration, sounds just sick, and revs ohh so easy!
I'll hopefully be driving the car home tonight, and heading to the dyno in a
month or so.

Here's a small vid, quicktime usually works best for these.<>

Here's pics of the motor install.

And the project thread.

Specs on the motor

-MC2 block overbored
   -NG Crankshaft (Same as AAN, 3B, 7A)
    -034 Motorsports connecting rods
   -Wiseco 83mm 8.5:1 CR pistons
   -034 Motorsports ARP main studs
    -ARP head studs
   -Baffled 7A oil pan

-Mildly ported, polished and rebuilt 7A head and cams
   -Machined for 3B cooling manifold
   -034 Motorsports HD Valve Springs
   -034 Motorsports 20v Tube Header
   -034 Motorsports Intake Manifold with 3B TB
   -034 Motorsports Fuel Rail

-034 EFI Stage IIc ECU with DIS
   -034 Motorsports ignition coils
   -65 lb. fuel injectors

-034 Motorsports high output Garrett turbo
-Fidanza 016 8lb MC2 FW
-KEP 6 puck metalic clutch with a Centerforce PP
  -Dual rev limiters with launch control
-Side exit 3" mandrel bent exhaust
-016 4kq transmission
-35  Row delivery truck intercooler
-Water injection
-Dual fuel pumps
-Porsche 924 Turbo oil separator

Jim Green

'89 90tq
'89 80q<>

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