Update - 87 5000 CS Quattro / Turn Signal / Emergency Flasher Relay Question

BUONO fbuono at mindspring.com
Sat Jan 14 22:56:50 EST 2006

This is what I get for working on this thing in the wee hours of the
I remembered / found my turn signal relay... when I reviewed the digital
pictures I took of the distribution bus near the turn signal relay clip.  I
even labeled it and put it in a bin!  I still don't know where 232 / Part
Number: 443-947-553 goes.
The relay table listed below has it listed as a SPST? (which I take to mean
single pole - single throw) but no listing for function.  
When I ran the part number through the Audi dealer they told me it is for
the lighter socket... which is working great... and makes me suspicious of
their advice... 

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