Vibrating Clutch

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If you feel the vibration in the pedal, it's probably a bad release bearing.

Fred Munro
'94 S4

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Subject: Vibrating Clutch

I just got bock home to Charleston, SC from a trip to Orlando in my 91
 No problems on the drive until....  I got back into the drivers  seat after
letting a friend drive for 250 miles or so.

There was noticeable vibration in the clutch as I pulled back onto the
 I didn't get the vibration each time I depressed the clutch, but  about 60%
or so.  Sometimes just when I was releasing the clutch after  changing
other times both on the down stroke and again on the up stroke,  and a few
times no vibration at all.

Note, that this was not happening before my friend took the wheel -- I
think he was the cause, just coincidence as he has owned a Porsche 911, a
Scirocco and several other manual tranny cars in the past.  I simply am
deflecting blame from myself.

Any thoughts?

-- Tom

Isle of Palms, SC
91 200q
88 80q
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