vibrating clutch

Kenneth Keith auditude at
Wed Jan 18 10:51:10 EST 2006

I had the same symptoms on the '88 5kcstq I had.  When I pulled the
tranny to do the clutch, the ball bearings from the throwout bearing
sprinkled out onto the floor.  I thought it was pretty bad.  The
clutch itself actually had a little meat on it still.  I think that
car had somewhere around 170k or so on it, but I don't recall exactly.


L DC <ldc007usa at> wrote:
> My experience with a bad throw-out/release bearing
> showed the following symptoms:
> With engine running, when engaging the clutch pedal, a
> grinding sound (in the bell-housing area) coupled with
> a subtle vibration (in the pedal itself) resulted.
> The more the clutch pedal was engaged, the more
> pronounced the grinding sound became.
> As the problem grew worse, the grinding sound came and
> went while engine idling and without depressing the
> clutch pedal at all.
> -Best Regards,
> -Louis

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