#@$!$%^ing "ultranators"

Mark R speedracer.mark at gmail.com
Thu Jan 19 17:31:22 EST 2006

Brett's a personal friend of mine.  But Brett.... don't whine (alternator
pun intended).
1.  You're venting your frustration (it's not an after-the fact kind of
wrapup post).
2.  Shouldn't a list moderator be more factual and not indight a product?
3.  You proudly drive an older Audi.  They break down (Ask Fey).  They need
work.  They STILL fail you.  Yet we're still proud of them.  Amy think's I'm
nuts, but I really enjoy my "new" '87 4KCSQ (which need rear diff seals,
door handles, etc.).  You have a *really* nice '91 200Q... but it's going to
break down.

Yes, 2 failures for the same issue on a well utilized (in the group) product
is something useful.  But wouldn't a better alternative be factual post with
a request to see if anyone knows a cross-reference source (obviously it's a
standard Bosch application voltage regulator) for the part?  I'd love to
know, because I might buy an ultranator to have in stock for my 4KQ, and buy
a spare replacement Voltage Regulator.  Anyone got a mod to move the VR to
the old fashioned "off-alternator" type?

And I've seen the Bosch OEM voltage regulators die in both failure modes: No
voltage and way high.  Usually when it's high at idle, it'll hold close to
14V... but not far off idle it'll easily go well above 18-20V.  I don't have
any experience with Lucas, but (I can't beleive I'm saything this), but for
an OE replacement, AC Delco have always served me well when they have a

Good luck.  Hopefully you'll get it resolved or find a useable Bosch
alternator at the junk yard as a temporary expedient (same 115A alternator
fits '87-up 5000, 80, 90, 100, 200, some Alfa 164s, etc.).  The 90A has even
more cross-reference applications (VWs)


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