#@$!$%^ing "ultranators"

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My, my, aren't you being a bit harsh? don't you think!

You are the last one I would have expected comments of this nature!

Take care my friend; I was very sorry to read what you had to say,

Have a great weekend,

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> Just smack a $10 external regulator from your FLAPS on it and be done
> with it. If the rest of the alternator is working well, a regulator
> failure shouldn't get your panties in a knot...

Would you mind explaining how to "just slap" one on?  At the very least, 
the old VR has to be gutted and tapped into, since it is also the brush 

I realize it "can" be done, and is one way to get a good 14.5 volts if 
you need it, but it is not a trivial exercise - and certainly shouldn't 
be necessary when one has bought a fancy alternator touted to overcome 
the voltage/current issues people run into with some of these cars.

Huw Powell


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