90Q head / lifter questions

Joshua van Tol josh at spiny.com
Mon Jan 23 18:51:10 EST 2006

Were the lifters clattering before you took it apart? If so, the soft  
ones are probably the bad ones, but even so, the rest are probably  
not in such hot shape either. They tend to wear as a set, and are  
best replaced as a set.

The exhaust valve guides are indeed a press fit, but they have to be  
reamed to size after installation. This isn't particularly hard to  
do, but requires special tools.

On Jan 22, 2006, at 7:58 PM, duncan wrote:

> Hi guys,
> In the middle of a head gasket job, and have a few 'while I'm in  
> there's to attend to...
> I have the head off my 90Q (KV engine), and the lifters out. 8 are  
> very stiff, to the point of not moving, and 2 are very soft (easy  
> to compress). First guess is that the soft ones are bad. Are the  
> others supposed to be this stiff though, or are they seized? Just  
> looking for confirmation here.
> Also, what's the best place to pick up some new lifters? Dealer  
> rates are just too much to replace all 10.
> Looking at replacing valve guides too, at least for the exhaust  
> valves. Are these just press out, press in?
> While I'm at it, does anyone have a reference to how much the CR  
> will raise vs. thickness skimmed off the head?
> Cheers
> Duncan
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