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Now  that the A3 3.2 quattro is available in the US, has anyone heard
anything  about an A3 2.0T quattro in the US? Maybe next year? This
configuration is  available elsewhere, for instance the UK, and is something
I might consider  for replacing both my GTI 16v and 200q20v.

Henry  Harper
1991 200 quattro, 121k
1988  GTI 16v,  248k

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Before I resigned from sales in December, the word was that the US  market 
was _not_ going to get the A3 2.0TQ. It's a crying shame as I think that  would 
be a perfect setup.
I did however sort of wonder if that wasn't more of the "keep the  sales 
force dumbed down so they sell what they have" approach. The car mags  always knew 
more than we did.

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