putting a auto trans in a '91 20VTQA

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Wed Jan 25 12:59:43 EST 2006

You thought of most of things needed for the change.....however ...Audi made 
the bodies different on manual/auto cars,  the tunnel for an auto is much 
bigger, don't know if it will fit.
I have done three going  the other way,  auto to manual.
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Subject: putting a auto trans in a '91 20VTQA

> im thinking about getting a '91 20VTQA.. i found one cheap.    i have no 
> need
> for the quattro system. but i like the 5cyl turbo..  and i want a wagon.
> unfortunately audi never made a 2wd automatic turbo type 44 wagon.
> at any rate, i was wondering how feasable it would to be to dump the 5spd
> trans, remove the driveshaft and install an automatic from a same year 200 
> 2wd?
> id have to install the auto trans linkage to the shifter, remove the front 
> diff
> and install the automatic CV axles and prolly just leave the rear diff in
> there with the driveshaft off.
> ps, yes i can drive a 5spd, i have other manual trans cars, i just want a
> turbo automatic type44 wagon and could care less if its a quattro..   a 
> number of
> years ago my buddy Ian on here changed his '85 5kT from an auto into a 
> 5spd,
> so i know its doable..
> any comments or ideas?   ps, no snide comments about automatics.  i have
> owned type 44 automatics since 1988 ('84 5kT was my first car when i was 
> 16) and
> my 5kT automatic  got 160k mi w/. no tranny problems until it was wrecked. 
> my
> current 86 5kT automatic has never had any tranny problems either.
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